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Full-Service Realty.  Half the Price.

How we help sellers
Set the groundwork
We analyze and research to help you set the starting list price. We not only go through the transaction process, but potential costs as well.

Market strategically
Homes sell faster with good photos, so all our listings include professional photography.

Expert agents
We will actively monitor the list price, market conditions, and the amount of showings. We will work with you to make adjustments as needed.

Offer and close
Our team will negotiate on your behalf, explain important deadlines, and help drive the transaction to closing.

How we help buyers
Know what to expect
Using your pre-approval, we review the transaction process and potential costs involved.

Take assessment
We work with you to help size up where you want to live.

Advocacy and research
We study neighborhoods, regulations, drive time, and other factors to determine best home fit.

Offer and close
We strategize over the best offer to present and negotiate on your behalf. Our team will be with you every step of the way from each deadline, to inspections, and finally to closing.

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