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Three parks to check out in The Woodlands

The Woodlands boasts 147 parks, yet we managed to choose three we recommend! Give them a try and enjoy the outdoors!

1. Bear Branch Park

Newly renovated, this park offers fun for all ages. The innovative padded ground underneath the playground makes it a safe bet for moms of littles, while older kids can enjoy the bucket swings, basketball courts and skate park. A nearby dog park makes it even more family-friendly.

2. Northshore Park

Located in the middle of town, this lakeside park offers a large playgrounds, swings and lots of green space for kids to run around or play frisbee. Bring your kayak, go fishing or watch the sunset on the dock - this park is popular for a reason! During the year you can catch many outdoor events.

3. Cranebrook Park

Nestled in the back of The Woodlands, this quiet little park is loved by many because of the two playgrounds for different skill levels, a swing set, and green space. An adjacent dirt bike field will keep kids of all ages entertained, while the Cranebrook Pool is open during the summer months.

With so many parks to choose from, it's hard to pick three. The best way to find your favorite park is to hop on your bike and go on a family adventure!

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