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Two unique ways we help buyers
Two Unique Ways We Help Buyers

Most people would believe that our real estate agency caters to sellers. Not necessarily. While sellers have clear benefits to work with Branch & Co., buyers do as well.

In fact that are two major ways that Branch & Co. can uniquely help you on your next home purchase.


The Seller Saves Money, Which Gives You More Negotiating Power

The seller typically pays the buyer and seller agents commission in a transaction. That's 6% of their home price leaving their bank account at closing.

If you use Branch & Co. as your buyer's agent, the seller only pays 1.5% instead of 3%. If you do the math on a $400,000 home that's $6000 worth of savings to the seller.

This potentially gives you an advantage as the seller looks at what they will be walking away with in their transaction.


A Buyers Rebate

Commission rebates are less common, but they are certainly an option for the buyer. Depending on your down payment and agreement from your lender, we could agree to a 3% commission structure and then at closing, provide you a rebate of 1.5% of your home price.

Applying the same math on a $400,000 home, that is $6000 that you would receive at closing. That could certainly help offset closing costs or help with your move-in costs.

Rebates are perfectly legal. They are just not mentioned typically as an option. We are happy to setup a buyer's rebate


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